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Healing Services

We find ourselves when we are lost


Walking with Horses

Powerful Horse-Facilitated Teaching

We all journey on this plane of being together. Meet your spiritual guide - Lido's Firework. This mare is a sacred "medicine hat" healer.  Lido will show you that you are more powerful and connected to the Earth in ways you had yet to see. Walking with her is a magical journey through time and energy fields. Leave everything you thought you knew behind.

Image by Philipp Pilz

Finding Animal Spirit Messages

Connect With Your Animal Guides

Animal messengers are with you. They are here to guide you and to bring you wisdom. Explore your uniqueness and let nature ground you. Session is through a guided journey into the animals that are with you ... and through Nature Tarot.

Girl and Horse

Healing Depression for Good

Powerful Nature-Facilitated Teaching

This is a month long journey that will take you far into the spiritual realms of nature. End Depression for good and learn how to stop it from coming back. You will connect with animals and begin to see and feel through their eyes. This program will change your entire way of "being," of feeling and of sensing - you will develop a mystical knowing - all taught through connection with animals.  This is a powerful "stripping" or "shedding" of the human illusion. The outcome is an entirely new way of living.   

Image by Tim Swaan

Depression/Anxiety Wellness

At Your Convenience

As a professional Natural Health & Wellness Consultant, one of the first lessons I start with is by showing how everything we do is connected. Let’s work together in order to find a wellness approach that works for you.

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