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Finding Your Power (Channeled Message)

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Human society controls through seeding fear into your mind. Fear of the Earth, fear of other humans...and fear of the self.

When our society and social circle screw into our minds that we are "faulty"- the damage is fathomless.

If you couple that with bullying and all other traumas- the piling of the weight is unbearable.

It is this nagging belief that you are not enough, that happiness is for others, that other people are whole and you are broken somehow.

This is what humans hammer into the heads of children - "You are only worth what we say you are worth and as long as you do all of our bidding."

Ironically (actually NOT ironically), the majority of people walk around feeling 'less than' and worthless. But they just can't put their finger on it. Many drown themselves in masochistic actions like "overworking"... feeling that they NEED to "achieve" that they need to suffer in discipline. "I MUST work more and harder!" "I must win a gold medal." "I must temper my mind through strain and pain - no pain no gain!" We engage in struggle - because we feel we need to be punished. So we eagerly take jobs that are beneath us, marry people that do not meet our needs, hang-out with friends that bring us down.

We walk around in constant anxiety and fear that the world will see us for the "garbage" we think we are.

THIS is the root of all self-harm. This is the root of cynicism, of anger, frustration, violence.

You can heal, once you realize WHAT was DONE to you. It is painful, shocking and hurtful to know that this type of psychological torture was done to us - but you cannot heal until you see it for what it was.

Throw it away.

Find it, grab it, and throw it away. You may see your family for friends in a new light - a darker one - but you are now free. can be the well that teaches freedom.

They may resist. Because you are taking a shovel and undermining the foundation they stand on. They will fight to remain in chains. Ego is built on fear. All they know is fear.

Fear manifests in soft, chronic microaggressions and insinuations that there is "something wrong with you and that you deep down are incapable and not like other people."

It instills fear and takes away joy.

Humans damage each other psychologically in a perverted and bizarre attempt to break and control others in order to control themselves. They want you to see yourself as weak or incompetent so they can ultimately gain power over you.

Humans have built a society on "no trust." What other animal locks its doors or has jails?

When someone tells you to "be safe" or they "worry" about you. What they really are saying is "I don't trust you to know how to care for yourself. I worry about you because you don't know what you are doing." This subconsciously tampers on your ability to have confidence in who you are. You cannot even trust yourself.

They want you dependent and they want you to see yourself as vulnerable. This is NOT love. It's perverted and it's psychological abuse. It can destroy your life if you never recognize it. It can rob you of happiness through the eroding of "self."

Human society is constructed by the eroding of self.

Nature is constructed on the securing of self.

This is one of the most insidious methods of mind control. In fact, this type of "you are not capable" labelling has been used against children, women, the poor, POC and certain ethnic groups. It has been used to oppress animals, to pollute waters and to destroy nature.

It is so subtle that it seeps into your subconscious.

Your confidence disintegrates, you feel "less than" and "different", you doubt your abilities, you feel that you can never accomplish anything or always will need "help." You feel that there is something inherently and toxically wrong with you, but you do not know what it is.

All babies are born free of this. It is slowly planted in their minds as "self-doubt."

Animals raise their young to survive as individuals. Humans carve their young into tools for use - dependent on praise and on outside vindication.

This illusion was planted in you from our society, our parents, our teachers, our friends, our bosses.

Human society's goal is to keep you from finding your power.

Nature is waiting for you. Truth is waiting for you. Love is waiting for you.

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