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You Have Lived an Illusion

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Non-humans are more energetically "evolved" than humans.

They understand free-will and they know that life is to be enjoyed. Humans build a concept of control based in fear. This concept is rooted in the systematic erasing, punishing and over-writing of the individual. It is based in the action of (both conscious and subconscious) suppressing free will.

Animals under the control of humans are also subjected to this suppression of free will.

In fact, it is a part of our language - "control your dog" or "control your child." The key term here is CONTROL. There its a blurring between natural justice and social behaviors (rooted in common sense and empathy) and the subjugation of the individual. "Control" yourself to conform to our will.

Humans are brainwashed to not see the difference between a narcissistic inclination to subjugate and a natural law of behavior derived from empathy. A concept like "good" means that someone is fully erased as a person and is "serving". This is the idea of "selfless."

But you cannot be selfless. Only objects can be selfless - a toaster, a book, a pencil. If you are alive you have "self." A tree has self, an elk has self, a cougar has self.

Subjugation builds fear and a chronic desire to be a "pleaser" so as not to be punished. This creates an anxiety - "I want to be liked, to perform, to get precise to find all of my worth through others 'accepting' my actions under critical judgement weighed against some ideal."

Human society has illusions of ideals. Often these are hard to obtain, fickle, "cultural", exploitive, fueled by the illogical designs of dichotomies- they are all intended to control. They are intended to crush the self.

When you live constantly guessing, behaving in a trained way, obsessed with reaching "goals"- you live under another's control. You may think it is your own -but that is how delusion works. Another makes you think that you want what they tell you you should want. And if you don't want what they say you must want then you are wrong


This does not exist in the real world, the natural world.

A dandelion does not look at a holly bush and envy its red berries. In nature, everyone is as they are. There is no ego, no persona. There is no comparing.

Nature understands that there are no "religions", no "societies", no "rules" outside of natural ones and philosophy. These are human creations. They are neither real, fake or right or wrong. Nature has no words for anything humans create.

They know that balance is the energy of the universe.

Humans have deliberately stripped their species of this freedom of energy and of mindfulness. They have done this in order to chain and control themselves and they have imposed this on the Earth. But the Earth cannot be chained by one species.

By denying the lies and bondage (mental and literal) of the human illusion, you free yourself. Your energy rises and you begin actually living. You are meant to live as you choose to live. When we realize we are NOT intended to do anything - we find what we desire.

You are NOT INTENDED to do anything. You are not here FOR anything.

You are not meant to be a dentist, a mother, a father, an artist, a bus driver, a wife, a husband - you are meant to just be.

And THAT is beautiful.

A squirrel collects winter stores NOT to impress his neighbors, not to attain the goal of "Nut Winner of the Year", not to get more seeds than the squirrel in the next forest, not to gather food out of panic and worry (I will NEVER have enough). He or she fills their stores because it is so. It makes sense. It feels correct.

Humans who grow or gather often admit a similar, natural feeling. "Picking blackberries in the fields is so much better. The berries taste so much better!" The experience quickly becomes a healing and "perfectly right" activity - it becomes a sensual moment, it is stored as a memory of peace and quiet joy. It is gratitude and it is bathed in abundance.

It takes nothing from anyone else and it is not about controlling a resource. It is being.

THIS is why we feel safe around animals. THIS is why we feel healed and loved in their presence.

Because their world is authentic, it is abundance, it is joy.

It is TRUST.

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