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About Me

Black Thistle Farm

I wanted to be an animal when I grew up - specificially a horse - but really, any would do!  And...this goal came true. I help humans understand who they are by translating what non-humans have showed me. The wisdom of animals, through the enrobing presence of Nature, can wash away the illusions of human society - the illusions that are hurting so many people. 

When we learn to lose our "temporary" personality, we find  that part of our being we had chosen to suppress. A blackberry flower loosens its petals in order for the fruit to grow. There is a mirror for all wisdom in the book of nature. I teach people how to read that book.

(Andrea has lived in non-human societies for decades. After a brief time spent earning a Ph.D. from Boston University, she continued her education in mysticism through the teachings of animals and nature.)

About Me: About Me
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